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Greetings and welcome!  This site is for all us poison bottle addicts (collectors). We have our own collection to view and items for sale as well. This list is updated as our inventory changes so check back often. And now, a bit about us.


We have been collecting bottles since early 2007. It all started from watching the Antique Bottles episode of Cash & Treasures on the Travel Channel. We both loved antiques, and she already had an old red glass collection (Anchor Hocking and the like) so this was right up our alley. The next morning, my wife was on the hunt to see what she could find online and broke into a wonderful world of old glass.

Now, we started without a single clue to what was out there, or what we would be interested in. We bought a few things, a soda here, a medicine there.  We even bought a whole grouping of relatively common inks. Then we bought our first poison bottle.  It was an English poison. But after browsing the poisons a bit, we decided this was the place for us. Being bikers, we both loved skulls, and there were plenty of skulls to be had in this arena of antique bottles. So it instantly appealed to us.  We researched for months afterwards on bottles we wanted, trying to get knowledge of their age and worth, until we realized we really needed books.  We bought an antique bottle field guide (worthless), then the APBCA American Poison Bottle book (based on Rudy Kuhnís Poison Bottle Workbooks) and then the first 2 Kuhnís workbooks.

Fast forward to today.  Our collection includes well over 100 bottles, mostly American poisons. We have a few English examples, but the American manufacturers had much more diversity in designs than our friends across the pond (letís face it, you can only have so many variations of ďPoisonous: Not To Be TakenĒ with vertical ribs on hexagon and rectangular bottles). We also have inks, medicines and a few other odds and ends (and of course, little room to put them).

We are always on the lookout for the next great bottle. So we have a section for items we are actively on the hunt for (or wish we could get). Please check that out. You may have something we want and may be wanting to sell, or you know where we can pick it up.

Thank you for dropping by and all the best to you and your bottle digging/collecting endeavors.

Stephen and Debbie

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